Thursday, 29 April 2010

Blackmore: War Memorial Project (7)

The steadily increasing publication of work of the Group is generating interest from family members of those who lived in Blackmore connected with the First World War as well as the local press asking for a news story.

Our information to the Brentwood Gazette provides information about the re-carving to the War Memorial, to take place soon, as well as the discovery of details for almost all of the names inscribed. The link to the Blackmore Area Local History website is also given.

The beginning of a major update of the site has commenced. ‘Follow the Poppy’ logo to the mini site currently under construction. This will include the creation of a commemorative page for each of those who gave their lives from Blackmore and some from neighbouring parishes. The first stage is to put the templates in place then fill each page with the relevant detail. Inputting the detail will be lengthy task but the target is to have the site completed by the 90th anniversary of the unveiling of the War Memorial, which is 7 November.

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