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Blackmore: Livings Family (1)

30 March 2010

Your website has been a massive storehouse of information for me and has also provided me with many leads enabling me to search other sites.

I have traced the Livings family back to Joseph Livings 1776 and the family appeared to have remained in Blackmore until about 1900 after which they moved to London, presumably for work.

Would you have any information as to any of the Livings family that might be buried at The Priory Church of St Laurence. I am hoping to visit Blackmore for the first time soon and would love to be able to look forward to seeing a gravestone with my name on it!

Kindest Regards,

Michael Livings

31 March 2010

Hello Michael

Thank you for your E mail and kind comments. I’m especially pleased that you have found the ‘Blackmore Area Local History’ website and blog interesting. It was created to share our local heritage and family history, and to encourage people to find out what is out there.

I am glad you have managed to trace the Livings family back to 1776. If you wish to share your findings online I would be happy to publish. The Livings name is common in Blackmore throughout the twentieth century with 11 entries in Blackmore’s Burial Register for 1893 to 1992. One served and came through the First World War. I cannot vouch that all those named have a gravestone.

Do come to Blackmore! Have lunch at The Bull, Leather Bottle or Prince Albert. Visit the church on weekday afternoons (days to be announced) or Sunday afternoons in the summer.



3 April 2010

I am very excited about the opportunity to be able to contribute to your website.

In what format would I need to submit my Livings family tree?

Without going to the trouble of looking in the churchyard itself, are you aware of any gravestones bearing the Livings name?

5 April 2010

Dear Michael

As promised I am picking up on two outstanding matters on which you asked me to respond.

Firstly, publication. I am happy to consider any relevant material to share on the website. As a matter of course I post all correspondence on the blog (http://www.blackmorehistory.blogspot.com/) which Google has provided with a handy ‘search’ facility.

Then you asked about relatives buried in St Laurence, Blackmore churchyard. I made a quick visit and found one livings grave which is situated due west of the bell tower. It is to George L Livings who died 8 November 1959, aged 74, and Mabel June Livings, who died 25 June 1978, aged 93. The grave seems to commemorate George as “our brother”. There may be other Livings buried at Blackmore.

You may be interested to know that the Essex Record Office has a copy of ‘Monumental Inscriptions at St Laurence, Blackmore 1594-1997’ undertaken by the Essex Society for Family History. Reference: ERO T/Z 151/109.

Best wishes


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