Monday, 19 April 2010

Area: History House website

History House, subtitled ‘a dip into Essex history’ is the brainchild of Keldon, whose work on our local heritage is similar to the aims of ‘Blackmore Area Local History’. History House covers the whole of the county and is an enormous undertaking.

“History House seeks to provide free information on the history of Essex and to help you research your family history. The entire White's Directory of Essex 1848 has been transcribed and I am currently working on the Post Office Directory 1874. It is hoped that other directories will follow. History House is researched and written by Phil George (Keldon)”.

The following covers the ‘High Country History Group’ area.


Stanford Rivers:

Stapleford Tawney:

Theydon Mount:

History House’s featured village is nearby Kelvedon Hatch:

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