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Blackmore: Smyth Hall

10 April 2010
(to earlier correspondence, published on this blog on 7 January 2010)

Hello Scott

We exchanged numerous E mails earlier this year regarding the Smyth family at Blackmore. You raised a question as to whether there was anywhere a drawing of their ancestral home, Smyth Hall. (See

One of my friends visited the Society of Genealogists recently, “and found that they have a two volume folio printed set, 1907, about the Carington-Smith family. I foolishly had not thought it necessary to take a camera, so a full copy will have to wait for my next visit, but I have a [not brilliant] photocopy of a pen and ink drawing of Smyth’s Hall in its heyday.”

So here it is! I enclose a copy.

Best wishes.


12 April 2010

Hi Andrew!

This is wonderful. I had given up hope of finding any pictures. The architecture is so interesting; quite different from front to rear. My daughter noticed the difference in that the left side of the house (facing the front) is more formal with window boxes and shutters on the rear and the right appears more plain with none of those things. She theorized that maybe the staff lived on one side or it was vacant and the family on the other. We will never know, but interesting speculation. It would be truly amazing to read those 2 volumes on Carrington-Smith. Maybe one day I might be able to travel to do some research. Thank you for sharing this with me. It truly made my day and my children enjoyed it as well. I look forward to continuing to explore this family with you.

Best regards-

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