Thursday, 8 April 2010

Blackmore: War Memorial Project (3)

Trying to establish the names of the 81 World War One survivors listed on the Blackmore War Memorial has been challenging but the Blackmore War Memorial Research Project Group has reduced the number for which there is no data down to just six men. But ahead of the obilisk being re-engraved we need your help. Does anyone have suggestions? Please e mail or use comments field below.

We have checked against the 1901 census the 6 survivors for whom we have no data.

4.21 Pte. C. Wray Labour C.
Almost certain match to the younger Charles – family in village since 1895 or so:
45 Village Wray Charles head m 55 Stockman on farm Blackmore
45 Village Wray Eliza wife m 52 Willingale
45 Village Wray William son s 28 Horseman-on-farm Willingale Doe
45 Village Wray Charles son s 21 Stockman on farm High Ongar
45 Village Wray Fred son s 18 carrier High Ongar
45 Village Wray Joseph son s 10 High Ongar
45 Village Wray George son s 6 Blackmore

1.10 A/B S. Ball R.N.
No Ball in village.

5.7 Pte. C. Hasler Essex
Could this be George?
115 Wyatts Green Hasler Edward W m 28 ordinary agric lab
115 Wyatts Green Hasler Ellen m 30
115 Wyatts Green Hasler George Ed 5
115 Wyatts Green Hasler Mary Ann 4

2.3 A/M L. Ingram R.N.E.S.
No Ingram in village.

1.5 Sec-Lt. G.V. Jasper M.C.C.
No Jasper in village.

4.11 Sgt./Mec. C. Pratt R.A.F.
Only one, not a candidate [but may be his father].
135 Farm House Hay Green Pratt Sidney J 45

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