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Blackmore: Smyth Family (4)

18 January 2010


This may not really interest you from the perspective of the Church and the Lords there, but I found that there are no direct Smith ancestors of Arthur Smith who came to America. There were no male offspring from Arthur V of Virginia and that is where his line ended. As I am, there are indeed descendents of his brother Thomas. I learned this last week. Also what is more fascinating is that apparently in looking at Arthur's will he left "seal ring of gold" to his oldest son Arthur. This ring I learned passed down through the family (through a Whitehead Arthur V had a daughter who married a Whitehead). The ring was later described as worn but having a crest resembling that from Blackmore! It would be neat to find who has it at this point. Not sure that is possible however.

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19 January 2010

Dear Scott

Thank you for this information which all adds to the Smyth story. I will assume the “seal ring of gold” was left by the ‘Blackmore’ Arthur Smith to his son on his death in March 1623. So if the item was not posted to Virginia, which I doubt, presumably Arthur received it whilst living in England.

It would be interesting if you could tell me where Arthur’s will is preserved.

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19 January 2010

With further reading this morning, I find that in fact it was in the will of Arthur III who died in 1742. This was the grandson of Arthur the immigrant. The will was recorded September 27, 1742 in Isle of White County, VA. "Smith, Arthur-Gentleman; leg- wife Mary; son Arthur, my seal ring".

I believe I should be able to find a will for his father Arthur II and possibly Arthur the immigrant to see if there is any mention.

I will write to Virginia for a copy of these wills and will mail to you once I receive them.

What is so fascinating to me is that the peacock shows up not only in the Arthur Smith line through his ring (I presume) but also in a needlepoint of the Thomas Smith line later in 1740. Arthur was clearly the favored son after John(?) as he inherited the entirety of the estate in England and then I assume the entire Smith crest whereas his brother Thomas appears to have received little to nothing...but maybe a portion of the crest through the peacock...interesting.


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