Friday, 29 October 2010

Blackmore: Remembering ... George William White

28 September 2010

Hello. I am one great grand-daughter of George William White who later in his life lived in Blackmore, living far from Essex in NW Wales but I have our own family information and plenty of easily recognisable census info together with birth, marriage and death certificates of GWW and the White family before and after him. I am only just into the WWI stuff so although there are some differences in the printouts I have from one source, I cannot yet sensibly comment but your family information about GWW is partly wrong.

He married Lucy Tull on 21st July 1888 in Islington (in fact, two younger brothers married two older sisters in 1888, the other pairing being Benjamin White with Louisa Tull later in 1888)....i.e. not Lucy Louisa Peacock in 1892!!

That mistake may well have led you up the garden path to not getting the correct Census information in 1901 and in 1911: please see below.

1901 Census:
George W. White, Lucy White, Benjamin WM (my grandfather), Louisa M, and Lucy MM White were in Enfield at 40 Palace Gardens. GWW had been in the RMLI in some of the 1890s down near Plymouth but by 1901 was back to being a clerk again.

1911 Census: George William White, Lucy White, Louisa Mansfield, Lucy Margaret Mansfield White were at West Bank, Blackmore, Ingatestone, Essex. Lucy White's age is out by 10 years, even though GWW wrote that himself! She was 8 or so years older than George. My grandfather Benjamin W. Mansfield White was elsewhere by 1911, not with his birth family.

Also, the 1891 Census: I have found Lucy with baby Benjamin staying with Benjamin and Louisa (ex Tull) White in Islington at 25 Ferntown / Ferntower Road but have yet to identify the whereabouts of George William White (a very common name unfortunately) in 1891.

I am in the middle of looking up more about GWW in WW1. He was awarded three medals and the transcribed information which came with that said he had died in action in camp at the Battle of Imbros. Maybe the transcriber of that was wrong?

Hello. I have now looked at the website you quoted for the casualties of the Louvain and I see that GWW PLY/5884 was indeed on passage when he was killed along with the rest on board, torpedoed by a submarine....not on land in action in camp as stated on another website (a transcriber who perhaps made some deductions of his own to add to the other correct information he gave.....maybe the rest of GWW's RMLI battalion, i.e. most of them, were on land at Imbros.

Cheers. Freda

29 September 2010

Dear Freda

Many thanks. I will correct the information on the page as soon as I able. (Since amended on ).

You may be interested to know that the re-engraved War Memorial will be rededicated on Remembrance Sunday, 14 November (10.50am).


30 September 2010

Hello Andrew. Thank you for your email. Glad the information about GWW will soon all be correct on the site! I have passed on your email to one cousin who lives in Shenfield as she may be interested in the rededication of the re-engraved War memorial in Blackmore on 14th November. I shall no doubt be along with her myself sometime to have a look at it.

Cheers. Freda

Friday, 22 October 2010

Blackmore: War Memorial Project (14)

Blackmore's War Memorial will be rededicated on Remembrance Sunday, 14 November, following its cleaning and re-engraving by the Parish Council. The service starts on The Green at 10.50am.

Meanwhile the Blackmore War Memorial Research Project Group is finalising publication on this site (and ) and creating a permanent record in book form for local archives.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Ingatestone: Beard family at The Viper

21 August 2010

Dear Andrew

Saw here that three generations of the Beard family ran the Viper in Ingatestone:

Do you know much about them? Doing a bit of family history: (

Jon Beard

22 August 2010

Dear Jon

The Viper is one of the best pubs around here: it that has always had a reputation for good beer and homely cooked honest food. It’s everything you would expect a traditional public house to be. The Beards would not sell a pint which looked remotely cloudy. The final Beard landlord was Roger. Before him, his father Fred was the licensee. I don’t know anything of the family. One suggestion to you is that you pay a visit to the pub and get talking to the locals. A fine excuse for some research!


19 September 2010


I visited the pub yesterday. Whilst serving my pint, the Bar Manager told me that the Beard family was at the Viper from 1938 to “to about six or seven years ago” (c2004). There is an interesting link, showing a picture of the first generation (of three) of Beard landlord and landladies:


Friday, 8 October 2010

Ingatestone: Photographs from 1985

One Sunday in October 1985 I photographed some of the buildings mainly in Ingatestone High Street. What strikes me, 25 years later, is the absence of traffic. Sundays have changed dramatically over the last generation with opening of shops etc. I have published the whole set of pictures on the partner site:

Friday, 1 October 2010


Welcome to this month’s round-up of local history and heritage in and around Blackmore, Essex.

Heart of Blackmore

The summer months has certainly seen a drop in visitors to the village because The Bull, the ancient public house in Church Street, has been closed. Local people have wondered about its fate. When pubs close there is always the concern that it will be forever. The good news is that the place has been sold from the pub chain, is now a Free House, and is undergoing refurbishment with a view of opening again as a pub restaurant before Christmas. For more see the press release:

Refurbishment and renewal is also happening elsewhere in the village. The French Golf Holiday Shop / Office has closed and has been converted to ‘Blackmore Tea Rooms’. Occupying an ancient property – formerly Dadds Village Stores – on Horsefayre Green next to the Leather Bottle pub, this has just opened to the public. (The photograph was taken in 1974).

Next, in the spring our hairdresser moved out of the small shop adjacent to the Nisa store – now a Coop – on the corner of Fingrith Hall Road and The Green. But now that site has been refurbished with ‘Ovel’s Hair Design’ now open (tel 01277 822117). The Ovel family, as mentioned elsewhere ( ), have been in this village for a number of generations.

Finally, in the same week, a new bus service began operating: No 339 is an hourly service Monday to Friday between Blackmore and Warley via Ongar, Brentwood High Street and Railway Station.

It’s all happening in the heart of Blackmore! A warm welcome awaits you all!


Hardly a week goes by without someone contacting me with a comment or to contribute something to this ongoing on-line project. I had the pleasure of corresponding with two members of the Norris family (originally of High Ongar) who share a common ancestor and putting them in touch with one another. (See ).

War Memorial Rededication

The newly cleaned and re-carved War Memorial at Blackmore will be rededicated on Remembrance Sunday, 14 November. The service will commence at 10.50am.

William Byrd Festival

The ‘William Byrd Festival’ will be held at St Peter & St Paul Church, Stondon Massey, in May 2011. For the latest information visit

Aerial Photographs

A new project has just been announced by English Heritage to place online historic aerial photographs of Britain. For more go to:

A Folk Song A Day

Don’t forget the marvellous site


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