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High Ongar: Norris Family

12 February 2010

Hi my name is Linda and I am researching my family history.

Through my husband’s family we have quite a connection with Blackmore. My husband’s grandfather Arthur Norris lived in Blackmore and Nine Ashes for a lot of his life. He used to have horses and used to cart goods for a living. I note from the 1910 Electoral Roll that his father George Norris is listed. My mother-in-law was born there: her name was Florence Mary Norris. It is fascinating to know about the voting rules at that time. If you have anything more of interest concerning my family I would love to hear from you. We do have some pictures somewhere of Arthur with his horses. His two sons Fred and Jim worked on farms in the area.

Kind regards
Linda Windley

15 February 2010

Hello Linda

Norris is a familiar family name in this area, particularly associated with farming. The only entry in the Burial Register, held in the Church Safe, is for an Arthur Henry Norris. I note that the 1881 census has various Norris’ born or living in Blackmore but none are recorded after the turn of the twentieth century apart from George in the 1910 and 1918 electoral register. Norris is not a name that appears on the War memorial either as the fallen of the Great War or the list of those who served. Do I presume your family was in a reserved occupation?

I should mention that Nine Ashes is in the parish of High Ongar and I have not looked up any records for that parish for my response.

If you have a picture of Arthur and his horses which I could use on the website I would delighted to receive a copy. Either way, I trust you are happy to include your message and response on the site.



15 February 2010

Hi Andrew

Lovely to hear from you. The Arthur Henry Norris if he died in 1973 is I think the brother of my mother-in-law he was known as Jim and he worked on a farm I think it was in Nine Ashes for the Marriage family. I think near a road junction. His wife was Louie. Opposite the farm at this junction Arthur Norris my husbands grandfather lived and it was sold in the early 1970s and a new house built there I can’t remember the name but I can remember helping my mother and father in law to clear it out. Arthur’s other son Fred worked for the Coop Farm. I believe my sister in law has some photos of Arthur with his horses as she carried on his passion for them in her life and owned horses for a number of years before her favourite one died aged over 30.

My husband’s Grandfather Arthur Norris lived in Nine Ashes up until the early 1970's and he at one time also owned a couple of properties. I believe one of which I think was called Rose Cottage. He is buried at High Ongar church with his wife Amelia Eliza, her maiden name was Jordan and the family originated from Doddinghurst and Kelvedon Hatch.

My mother in law Florence lived in Nine Ashes until her marriage in late 1930s.

With regard to the wartime I do not have any knowledge of that but as my husband’s grandfather carted goods I believe at some stage he used to go to London he might well have been in that category. I will try and obtain a copy of the photo and forward it to you.

Thank you for taking an interest.

Regards Linda

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Patricia Volante said...

Hello to Linda and to Andrew.
Linda, I think we share some relatives as my mother was Queenie Norris and her father was William Norris born in High Ongar in 1876. He was the son of Sarah Goff and George Norris born in High Ongar in 1854. George and Sarah had ten children but only six survived: William, Walter(1878) Herbert(1883) Arthur(1886) Amelia(1889) and Florence(1895) Arthur was married to Amelia Jordan in 1908. I have traced the Norris family back to 1500 in High Ongar and 1600 in Blackmore through the parish registers held at Chelmsford. My mother's parents lived in Doddinghurst when they were first married, but had moved to Canning Town, London, by 1915 when my mother was born and her birth certificate shows that William was in the Royal Army Vetinary Corps attached to the Royal Engineers as a horse keeper. I have a photograph of my grandfather William and possibly his brothers with some cows! It would be good to compare phtos.