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Kelvedon Hatch: Where is Kelvedon Common?

Question to Keldon, History House
13 February 2010

Hello Keldon

Would I be right that Kelvedon Common is the ancient name for Kelvedon Hatch?

13 February 2010

Dear Andrew,

Kelvedon Common is part of Kelvedon Hatch 'KH'. The parish extended from the River Roding at Langford Bridge down to what is now Joy Fooks Chinese Restaurant in the Ongar Road. The southern part of the parish was an area of common land. This was known as Kelvedon Common. The present village was built on that common land. To make things more confusing. The neighbouring parish of Doddinghurst was also on that area of common land and that was called either Kelvedon Common, Doddinghurst Common, or The Common. Doddinghurst parish reached as far as what is now the Shephard PH and the Swan PH in the middle of the present village of Kelvedon Hatch.

I attach a 1777 map. You'll see the windmill which lay just inside KH parish. The present water tower in the village is almost on the same spot. KH lies to the west and north of that. To the right of the dotted line is Doddinghurst.

The boundary was changed in the 1970s and KH took over the part of the old common which lay in Doddinghurst.


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Anonymous said...

My family (Malyon) came from this area - varied from Kelvedon Hatch to Doddinghurst and Wyatts Green - before that we had William Maryon from Stanford Rivers and William Peter Malyon at Willingale Spain - if anyone out there has any information going back further tan 1791 I woud be delighted to hear fom them