Friday, 9 July 2010

Blackmore: Sankey Family

Another name listed on the War Memorial as one who served and survived the Great War:

William Sankey was the brother in law of Ernest Maynard who died in the First World War. He married Gertrude Maynard at Blackmore in 1906. Their daughter, Violet May, was baptised privately at Blackmore on 13th May 1906 but died aged three weeks and was buried at Blackmore on 6th June. In the 1911 Census William Sankey, aged 28, is a ‘Groom Domestic’ living at Ivy Cottage, Stondon Massey. His place of birth is recorded as Bromley, Kent. His wife of four years, ‘Gerdlina’, age 26, was born at Blackmore. Ernest Maynard, the aforementioned, Gertrude’s brother was 21, a ‘gardener domestic’. By 1915 the family had moved to Blackmore. The baptism of George Jellico Sankey, records William Henry Sankey as a Chauffeur. His mother was Gertrude Frances Annie Sankey. The baptism took place at Blackmore on 1st August 1915. [Sources: ERO D/P 266/1/6, ERO D/P 266/1/11, Burial register in Church Safe].


Sheila said...

Hi Andrew.
I was very interwsted to read your artice on the 'Sankey' family, Gertude & William Sankey were my grandparents,& their son,'George Jellicoe' my father.
There were two other children born before my father and after 'Violet', Edgar & Doris.Through visiting this site I am now able to identify my 'Great' grandparents, who were also the parents of Ernest Maynard, (my father's uncle)who died in action in France.I believe there were two other brothers Joseph? & George? but am not sure about other siblings.I should like to find out more information of both families,and welcome any other knowledge that you may have preceding that generation. Many Thanks, Sheila Shepherd (nee:Sankey)

Andrew Smith said...

Thanks Sheila for your E mail. I have attempted to record as much as possible in connection with your family in the context of research of names recorded on the Blackmore War Memorial. For information on Ernest Maynard go to . We know a lot about Ernest Albert Maynard through the writing of Reverend Reeve of Stondon Massey. For information on Maynard and Sankey type theie names in the powerful search box of this site.

I can confirm that male baptisms of the Maynards at Blackmore were as follows: Frederick William (baptised 23.1.1876), Joseph Herbert (bap. 13.10.1878), Edgar George (baptized 14.11.1886), Ernest Albert (baptised 4.5.1890). Their parents were George, a builder by profession, and Emma. There are no male Sankey baptisms at Blackmore between 1875 and 1901. I did not record girls during the course of my research.


Sheila said...

Thankyou for the information Andrew, I have noted your comments.I am now researching my GtGt Grandparents,following the discovery of my Gt Grandparents George & Emma Maynard. Will let you know how I progress! I do have photo`s of William, Gertrude & their family if you are interested.

Andrew Smith said...

Thank you. Photographs are always very welcome. I would usual post these on the partner website: