Thursday, 1 July 2010


Welcome to this month’s round-up of local history and heritage in and around Blackmore, Essex.

Blackmore War Memorial

This morning Blackmore’s War Memorial is screened and fenced off from the public with a notice ‘Cleaning In Progress’. Work will be under way very soon to re-carve the names of those listed who fell or served in the First World War. The work of the Blackmore War Memorial Research Project Group is complete – save for any new discoveries – with most of the findings published online and created in a first draft in book form.

Brentwood War Memorial

With Armed Forces Day held very recently, Brentwood Borough Council has come in for some stick from the local newspaper over the state of the town’s War Memorial at the junction of Shenfield Road and Middleton Hall Lane. Work is to commence on its restoration soon.

Doddinghurst Surgery

Local residents are to have a new surgery built. The price of improving the facilities for thousands of patients is to build the premises on identified green belt land.

New Photos

Buttsbury Church:


Ingatestone Hall:

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