Monday, 28 June 2010

A Folk Song A Day

This might seem off the beaten track for local history but I want to give a plug for a newly released website ( in which BBC Folk Singer of the Year 2010 Jon Boden is releasing an unaccompanied folk song on a daily basis, beginning on Midsummers Day, 24 June (i.e. last Thursday). I will let the website sing for itself if you follow the link. Inevitably some of the 365 songs will be relevant to this area of Essex as a result of the work Ralph Vaughan Williams did in the first decade of the twentieth century visiting homes, workhouses and public houses to note songs for posterity.

The greatest exponents of these songs locally must be Potiphars Apprentices ( who hold concerts telling of the lives, times and music associated with one Britain's greatest classical music composers. Their recent concert at Ingatestone Hall for Friends of Historic Essex (the support group of the Essex Record Office) was very popular and well received.

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