Thursday, 24 June 2010

Blackmore: Hasler Family

Identifying letters ‘C’ and ‘G’ on the faded War Memorial was notoriously difficult. Were we looking for a C Hasler or a G Hasler who served in the Essex Regiment?

The 1911 Census record for Blackmore, Wyatts Green, Doddinghurst, Brentwood” records:
Iedward W. Hasler. Head. Married 15 years. [Age] 38. Horseman On Farm. [Born] Essex High Roding
Ellen Hasler. Wife. Married. [Age] 40. [Born] Herts Gt Hadham
George E. Hasler. Son. Single. [Age] 15. Cow Man. [Born] Essex Gt Dunmow
John E Hasler. Son. [Age] 9. School. [Born] Essex Doddinghurst
Frederick W Hasler. Son. [Age] 7. School. [Born] Essex Doddinghurst
Eleanor M Hasler. Daughter. [Age] 5. School. [Born] Essex Doddinghurst
Albert H Hasler. Son. [Age] 2. Home. [Born] Essex Doddinghurst

In addition, Ian Hook of the Essex Regiment Museum suggested: “Hasler may be 33789 Pte GE Hasler of Kelvedon Hatch a Prisoner of War taken while with the 9th Battalion Essex Regiment and similarly invalided from the Army.”

These pieces of evidence, plus a rubbing of the Memorial convinced us that George was our man.

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