Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Diary of Montague Hardwick Knott, 1957 (9)

Wednesday 31.7.57

Had letters from Canon Gallop & Rev Hartley this am. The former is now recovering from the indisposition wh prevented his coming to the Institution & the letter enclosed a copy of the Paslow Common Electoral Roll. Will make a card index of church members for the whole Parish. Have prepared a specimen card with room for family & other details.

Yesterday I learned that proofs of my new stationery had been sent to Blackmore. H & I went there this pm. Met the Architect & discussed kitchen cupboards. Ceiling boards are up all over the house & the bay is being finished. They have plastered the ceilings upstairs & hope to start on the walls tomorrow.

Called on some parishioners with H & enjoyed meeting them. They reckon we are in for a hard time. They must learn that as far as we are concerned we are concerned with serving our Master. If the going is hard it will be hard for Him but the Scripture asks “is anything too hard for the Lord?” We think not & expect His love and grace to triumph.

Were not home till nearly 8pm. Did nothing much in the evening & came up at 10pm.  Our cat Lucia (Lulu) decided to stay out this fine night. It has been a very fine day. 

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