Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Diary of Montague Hardwick Knott, 1957 (3)

Tuesday 23.7.57


Went to see Ken Druitt & go over the service of institution & induction. Phoned Architect from St Mary’s Vicarage. Hope to see him & the builder tomorrow. Said he did not like my letter of yesterday. I meant it to bite.  We finished up alright.


Had two hours sleep this p.m. & felt much better for it. Since the slight stoke I suffered last August the Doctor recommended an after lunch rest but often I cannot fit it in.

Went to Blackmore to rehearse the institution with the Ch wardens. The Rural Dean turned up & helped. Everything seems to be going according to plan. Got home at 9 p.m. H was out so guessed she had gone with Min to Gwen’s somewhere I found them. Stayed an hour & chatted. Kenneth is getting along in the R.A.F. & hopes to be home for the August bank holiday. 

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