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The Diary of Montague Hardwick Knott, 1957 (4)

Friday 26.7.57

Wednesday proved a rather trying day in the home but we got through.  I met the Architect Crook the contractor & Smith the Sub-contractor at Blackmore at noon.  The best promise I could get was for completion in eight weeks. Called to tell the Fowler’s at Epping on way back but there was nobody at home. Left a message that I wd phone at 7.45am on Thursday. I was touched by the devotion of some at B’m where I spent pt of the p.m.  A number brt flowers & decorated the Ch & Village Hall. Mrs Newson I learn has been wkg in the Ch fr 5.30am during this wk & fitting in her other wk. There are signs of real interest in the Village.

We had a quiet evening save for phone calls fr well-wishers. […]

Yesterday was a day to be remembered w humble gratitude to God. Our morning prayer together was full of a sense of the Lord’s nearness & care. I phoned the purchaser of our house, Mr Fowler, who was taken aback by my news. He wanted time to think things over.

Had a busy a.m. in the study dealing w corresp. After lunch we rested & my Secretary at C.T.C.A. came at 3pm. We were away to B’m by 4.30pm taking crockery borrowed fr St M E.D. & provisions for refreshments. Found everything well in hand at the Village Hall & in Ch.

Was gratified to see some real progress at the Vicarage.

The Service of Institution & Induction was impressive & the Bp of Barking prchd a good word (2 Cor 3.6) “Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament”. He touched on the Cure’s functions as priest, prophet & pastor. And the term “minister”. Emphasising in turn the incumbent’s responsibilities & those of the laity.

The Ch was packed to capacity & everything went as planned.  Some 125 came from Walthamstow. I guess 50-75 fr the Village & other friends made up a total of about 250.  Mr Newson, the People’s Warden, seemed very impressed w the collection of £17.11.0.

The Village Hall was packed afterwds & the refreshments went well. There were many loving expressions of regret at our departure fr Walthamstow coupled w good wishes for the future. There were two of the costers from W’stow High St & a widow whose husband I buried a wk ago. With him was a another woman whom I married to an elderly man a year ago. These do not attend St Marys but I trust the link will lead to their joining now. Stan Phillips & his wife came by bus, train & taxi fr Leyton. Stan & I were in the B.B. together in the late teens and early twenties of the Century. We took them home as far as Woodford after.

We enjoyed mtg the villagers and some of the more well-to-do of our Parish. The Marriage’s & Russell’s & another whose name escapes me. All were most kind & gave us a welcome that rang true.

We arrived home at 11o’c tired but very grateful. Had a little food & after prayer together, retired to rest. H said Miss C had proved most helpful.


We, Miss C & I dealt with some C.T.C.A. matters & then drove to the City. Left St M’s china on the way. Dropped Miss C in Aldersgate Street & went on to Tom Anker’s office re business affairs.  Tom said he & his mother had enjoyed the Institution last evening.

[…] This evening went out to B’m for the choir practice. Enjoyed it. […]

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