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The Diary of Montague Hardwick Knott, 1957 (1)

Diary of Montague Hardwick Knott 1957

Sunday 21.7.57

In rather a sporadic manner I have kept diaries in the past.  Today marks a change in my affairs & it seemed a fit occasion to commence further records.

Today I have concluded my duties as a curate at the Parish Church of St Mary, Walthamstow.  My friend the Vicar, Kenneth Druitt, graciously invited me to preach both morning & evening. I felt great liberty & judge that God prospered the word spoken.

It has been a moving experience for my Beloved and I. The friends at Church have been so kind in their expressions of good-will.

The Misses Brown came home for coffee & cakes, and also Mrs Cuttlar who was also with us for tea. The Misses B gave us a pretty cushion as a parting gift.

We have had heavy rain with lightning & thunder during the day.  It became brighter this evening.  Quite a lot of private traffic on the roads. The provincial bus strike which commenced yesterday has disrupted things a good deal according to the radio news.

Mr Simmons telephoned me tonight regarding my Institution to Blackmore on Thursday next. Walter Jameson rang from Chelmsford to let me speak to Eric Barker.  He will come to the C.T.C.A. Luncheon tomorrow.

God has given me a good day. We are both grateful for his many mercies.

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