Monday, 28 April 2014

Blackmore: The Bull - Planning Appeal by Owner

The Bull - when it was open in 2003
I don't believe it!  Despite opposition from over 1000 residents the owner of The Bull has appealed against Brentwood Borough Council's planning application decision to reject alterations to the ancient pub and to build houses on the beer garden.

The Parish Council has written to residents:

Last year the owner of the Bull Public House applied for planning permission to construct two houses and car barn in the garden facing the main Green. Both the Borough and Parish Council Planning Committees strongly objected to this proposal and the permission was refused.
Recently the owner has appealed to the Inspectorate at Bristol to see if they will overturn this decision. Naturally both Borough and Parish Council will object in the strongest possible terms but support from local residents reinforces this opinion in the eyes of the Inspectorate.
We would therefore ask if you would support the Parish Council by voicing your opposition to this proposal and writing to Bristol quoting the reference number and address and using the bullet points illustrated below towards your objection.
   We cannot produce a “stock” letter as this will not be accepted so it must be in your own words. Letters of objection should be sent in triplicate and received by 12th May at the address below.
Planning Inspectorate
Room 3/18, Eagle Wing,
Temple Quay House,
2 The Square,
Temple Quay.
Bristol. BS1 6PN.
Ref:- .APP/H1515/A/14/2216001
The Bull Church Street
Blackmore Essex CM4 ORN

The following points would be very useful to include in your letter – please word as you feel best fits your letter
·         The property is in a Conservation Area and this development would contravene Planning conditions CP1.
·         The development would have a detrimental visual impact of the Grade II listed building when viewed from the Green.
·         With the construction in the garden there would be reduced amenity area that would lower
·         customer appeal.
·         Both Brentwood Borough and Blackmore Parish Council strongly object to the plan.
·         By demolishing the outbuildings the possibility of the building operating as a public house would be impossible.
·         The garden is an extension of the main Green historically and should not be developed in any way.
·         Vehicle access to the properties would be onto a narrow road at the top of the Green.
·         A petition of over 1000 names against this development has been produced.

We hope that you will make representation in support of the Parish Council’s stance as the residents of Blackmore have a tradition of supporting the area in which we are so fortunate to live in.

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