Monday, 28 July 2014

The Diary of Montague Hardwick Knott, 1957 (6)

Sunday 28.7.57

We were away to B’m after b’fast by 8.30am. A young student asked for a lift.  He was on his way to a motor trials near Thetford & had already come from Southend.  Seemed a nice boy. Gave him a booklet of Scriptures when I put him down at Epping.

Felt free in taking the Holy Communion Service this am. There were 24 of us to remember the Lord. Didn’t like using wafers so will change to bread next wk. I read the 39 Arts of Religion at the close of the service. Didn’t take so long as I thought. The Simmons did not stop but felt the Newson’s are giving us their loyal support. Must wait to see what the Simmon’s reaction is.

H & I came back to Wdfd for lunch & tea & out to B’m for Ev Pr. The congr numbered about 45. I learn that they have been used to 10 or a dozen so I suppose curiosity brt a number. Hope what they heard will bring them again.

We were asked to supper by a Mrs Greenwood. Her husband runs a local farm. We met the nis-in-law but the husband was away. There is a baby boy, four months old. It was a pleasant time & we were glad to improve the acquaintance. Miss G came with us & enjoyed it all.

Feel that our Heavenly Father has dealt graciously with us today in giving such encouragement. We long to show our gratitude in Spirit-filled lives about which I prchd tonight from Acts 6.

A young man came up after the service to ask about marriage in church. He is a divorcee & the guilty party. Said I wd refer the matter to the Bp. 

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