Friday, 11 June 2010

Blackmore: Pratt Family (2)

In previous correspondence ( the suggestion that C Pratt carved on the War memorial is Arthur Cecil Pratt was discussed. There is no conclusive evidence for this, and one lead followed through was contact with the RAF Museum. Bruno Giordan wrote, “If he died in England, there are two candidates:
Deaths Dec 1918 Pratt Arthur C 33 Romford 4a 1052
Deaths Mar 1922 Pratt Arthur C 32 Medway 2a 1173
Only the first has the correct age, so we can only assume that the news had not reached the committee by 1919, when the carving was commissioned.

“I have submitted the question ‘Sgt./Mec. [Arthur] Cecil PRATT RAF appears on Blackmore war memorial as a survivor, but we think he may have died 1918 from wounds. Do you have any records on him?’. I will let you know if I receive a reply”.

The short response was ‘no’.

18 May 2010

Dear Mr. Giordan,

Thank you for your enquiry which was received on 16th April 2010. You wished to receive information relating to the First World War RAF service of Sgt Arthur Cecil Pratt. Sgt Pratt is not listed on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s Roll of Honour (, nor does he appear in either series of First World War casualty cards or the First World War Medical Board cards held by the Museum. Although the casualty cards are not comprehensive, the collective evidence would seem to indicate that Sgt Pratt did indeed survive the war. One possible explanation may be that Sgt Pratt was discharged due to injuries or illness suffered whilst in RAF service and then subsequently died of the affliction as a civilian, although I must stress that this is pure speculation. Obtaining a copy of Sgt Pratt’s death certificate should at least give a definitive date of death and this should be obtainable through the General Register Office. Please also see the attached RAF Museum guide to the research of First World War flying services personnel for other avenues of investigation. I hope that I have been able to assist you with your research.

Yours sincerely,

Guy Revell
Assistant Curator
Department of Research & Information Services
Royal Air Force Museum London
T: 0208 358 4852

19 May 2010

Sadly I don’t think that this gets us any further forward in our quest to establish a firm Blackmore link.

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