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Blackmore: Smyth Family - more American Connections

Drawing of tomb commemorating Margaret Smyth.
Thomas Smyth, first husband, buried 1592.

Received 26 December 2012

Smythe family history at the Church of St. Laurence, Blakemore Co., Essex


I am writing to try and find out some information about my ancestors from Essex. A historical book I am reading titled, "Smith of Scotland Neck, Planters of the Roanoke" (the state of Virginia in the U.S.) recalls the history of the Smith (Smythe) family, to whom I related. The information goes all the way back to the 1500's with the family of Thomas Smythe of Rivenhall in Essex. It goes on to mention John Smith and another Thomas Smythe (of Smythe's Hall in Blakemore), and his wife, Margaret, who were entombed in alabaster in the Church of St. Laurence in Blakemore County, Essex.

Later descendants of these Smythe's were granted land in Virginia, where eventually their name was changed to Smith and this is from where my great-grandmother's lineage comes.

I have no idea if perhaps you know of this church or the effigies, if yours is the church, or if I'm not on the right path at all! But, I am hoping you have some information or can point me in the right direction in learning more of my family's history in England. Perhaps one day some of us here can take a trip and see the land and sights of Essex!

Thank you so much, and I wish you a blessed Christmas season!

Megan Clark
North Carolina, USA

Replied 27 December 2012

Dear Megan

Thank you for your e mail.  Blackmore Area Local History contains a large amount of correspondence on the Smyth family and their links with the United States.  See . In addition there are a number of pages on the main website: which are best viewed by following the links from the blog.  I will post this entry in due course in order to add to the story.

With best wishes

Andrew Smith (no relation)

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Anonymous said...

Friends of the UK and in the US: My family has quite a bit of information on the Virginia and North Carolina Smiths who we are kin to on our maternal grandmother's lineage. Would love to be in touch with any of you with information on the Smyths of Essex and Smiths on the US side! Thank you! Megan Clark My e-mail: