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BLACKMORE HISTORY NEWS - November / December 2012

Welcome to this month’s round-up of local history and heritage in and around Blackmore, Essex.

Blackmore Area Local History – 5 years’ old

On 1 December 2007 the first post was entered on .  The blog was supplemented by in 2008.  Since then this blog has brought you the latest history news as well as new insights into family and social history, thanks to the readers who have contributed.  But it’s thanks to Google that this has become possible.  Blogging is a simple and straightforward way of connecting non-technically minded people to the worldwide web.  Blogs too have come a long way over the last five years. 

I would encourage everyone who is interested in history to get blogging as well as researching, because amazing things happen.  Without a web presence it would not have been possible to pay tribute in such a tangible way to those men who died in the First World War.  For example, it was good to link with a family in Texas who are related to Frederick Garnham.  The increased recognition of William Byrd and his links with Stondon Massey would not have been possible and the William Byrd Festival would not have happened.  The Maryon collection of photographs and a family remembrance of the night a Zeppelin came down on land at Snails Hall Farm, Billericay, would not have been published.  The connections with the Disney and Crickett familes would not have been made.  Contact from descendants of Rev E H L Reeve, of whom I wrote a biography, would not have happened.

Over the next month I will be looking back and repeating some of the more important posts of the last five years, either from this site or other blogs on my blog roll.

I'm inspired by Sir Tim Berners-Lee who gave the internet to us all.  What a fitting tribute to him at the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games!  "This is for everyone".

ESAH160 launched

The Essex Society for Archaeology and History has launched an interim blog under my editorship. contains information relating to this countywide historical group and items of heritage interest relating to the historic county of Essex.  Some posts of relevance to the local area will be referenced on this site.

Blackmore History News

This will be the last post in this form.  In order to be more responsive, news items will be posted as soon as convenient rather than saved up and published en masse.

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