Friday, 15 July 2011

Blackmore: Copyhold Cottage

Received 26 May 2011
Hi. I live at Copyhold Cottages and was wondering if you knew anything of the history of the buildings. Were they always 2 cottages, are the current ones the originals?
I would be most happy if you could be of any help.
Many thanks
Replied 28 May 2011
Dear VJ
I know Copyhold Cottage and Copyhold Farm.
I believe that a visit to the Essex Record Office would be very profitable for you. There are many documents and maps relating to the farm.
From my immediate sources, though, I can say that the cottages did not exist in 1846. The Tithe Award (admirably studied in the Essex Place Names Project) reveals no occupier and no house on the very southern tip of a field called Long Croft, which was in the possession of Copyhold Farm, owned by Vicerman Longbourne, Esq. of Jericho Priory, and occupied by Edwin Broughton, presumably the farmer.
In 1910 Copyhold Cottage is mentioned on the Electoral Roll. A search through Electoral Rolls might be useful to see its first entry.
Census data may help but often the properties are not specifically named. The 1911 census will be helpful because the occupant’s returns are preserved.
I know that the Larke family lived in your property during the 1920s. There is reference to the Norfolk family in connection with a victim of the First World War and I have a cassette tape in which a Mr Hodge, the farmer during the inter-war years mentions Billy Larke as being one of his employees.
Hope this helps. As always I will post the entry onto the history website.
Received 28 May 2011
That’s fantastic! thank you very very much

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