Monday, 10 November 2008

Ninety Years On. Remembering the First World War (20)

Extract from ‘Notes For A Parish History’ (ERO T/P 188/3) written by Revd. E. H. L Reeve of Stondon Massey (Essex).

10th November 1918

At the historic banquet at the Guildhall last evening Mr Lloyd George was able to allude to an armistice with Germany as imminent, but news of it has not been received.

The historic banquet referred to was the Lord Mayor's Banquet, a feast held to honour the outgoing Mayor. The procession and the feast itself has continued regardless of war and other events for many centuries. In 1918 the Prime Minister "would have loved to have announced it [the Armistice] in the Guildhall, to thunderous applause from all sides, but there was still no word from Compiegne" [Best, 2008, p125].

The final part of Reeve's manuscript may be read at 10.30am on 11.11.08.

Best, Nicholas. The Greatest Day in History (Phoenix, 2008)

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