Monday, 3 November 2008

Stondon Massey: Remembering ... others who served

Revd Reeve recalled the following men who served in the Great War:

Corporal John White became a prisoner of war. “He returned home in January 1919, his kindly farm friends from Germany sending him off with a present of bacon for his needs!”

Fred Bennett was badly wounded and invalided home from France.

Mr John Pryor (Captain) left Stondon after the War “to be nearer his business in London” owing to injuries sustained in battle.

Three brothers, William, Walter and William (junior) Cook, all served as lifeguards and “came safely through the War”.

William Ellis, was wounded at St Julieu (31st July 1917) but “now convalescent has returned to civil employment”.

William Penson, a man often mentioned by Reeve, came through the War and “returned to work at the Rectory [as gardener] Feb 24th 1919”.

Other names noted by Reeve were Ernest Baines, Ernest Baines (junior), Arthur Bolt, George Brown, Albert Chantry, Leonard James Drake, Cyril Gandy, Harry Lodge, Arthur Roast, Percy Roast (known as ‘Jack’ and nephew of Arthur), Thomas Roast (living at Blackmore), Sergeant George Sankey, Alec Shuttleworth, William Skinner, George Turner, Arthur H Watts, Algernon Chichester White, Maurice Bazely White and, John Tyndale White.

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