Sunday, 11 April 2010

Blackmore: War Memorial Project (4)

The group has been researching the names of 125 men either commemorated on the Blackmore War Memorial as those who died or those who survived the First World War, or those who gave their lives who may be associated with the Essex village in some way or another. At the last meeting five names were established as not having a connection with Blackmore. These are:

- Bertie Cowling, who has a strong association with Navestock and Kelvedon Hatch;
- Fred Garnham, who although his residency was given as Blackmore is more associated with Stondon Massey then Highwood and Roxwell;
- John King, connected with Kelvedon Hatch;
- Walter Malyon, who has a connection with Kelvedon Hatch and South Weald; and
- George William Wright, who although has a residency given as Blackmore (and previously thought to be a Blackmore man) was, in fact, living near Rookery Farm just over the Blackmore boundary in High Ongar.

Fred Garnham is already honoured on the website and G W Wright's place will be changed to High Ongar once publication nears completion. The Kelvedon Hatch men will be remembered on this blog.

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