Monday, 3 May 2010

Blackmore: Jopson or Jobson Family

During the tracing of a survivor of the Great War the Blackmore War Memorial Research Group came across two possible surnames: Jobson and Jopson. Which could it be?

4 April 2010

There is an Alfred JOPSON in the 1911 Blackmore census, age 23 born Writtle, who had been married to Kate Elizabeth for two years. His is the only Jopson family in the Ongar RD, and there is no Jobson.

There is also the civil record of the marriage in Chelmsford RD Q3 1909 of Alfred JOPSON and Kate Elizabeth STONEHAM.

Side 2 of the memorial is quite badly worn. It may of course say Jobson, in error. Is this a case where a rubbed image might be useful? I hasten to say that I have no brass rubbing experience!.


11 April 2010


A good look at the War Memorial is essential here because both Jobson and Jopson appear in the Parish records.

7 June1905: Burial register entry for Thomas Robert Jobson, aged 20 [Burial register in Church safe].
1914 Electoral Roll. Alfred Jobson living at Rose Cottage [ERO C/E 1/2/26].
1922 Electoral Roll. Kate Elizabeth Jobson living in Church Street [ERO C/E 2/1/5].
No records of Jopson in Electoral Registers.

7 July 1910. Baptism entry for George Alfred, son of Alfred and Kate Elizabeth Jopson.

Puzzling. It appears that the names were interchangeable.


14 April 2010

This man’s service record uses the form Jopson throughout, and this is how he signs his name.

Born ca. 1888, he lived at 11 Blackmore Green NS, and was a gardener. He enlisted in the RGA 54 AA Coy on 6/6/1916, and was discharged sick on 20/6/1917. He married Kate Elizabeth STONEHAM at Moulsham on 17/7/1909, and their children George Alfred and Ellen May were both born in Blackmore.

Of course, the inscription on the memorial could still be Jobson …



Diana Abel confirmed that the name carved on the memorial is ‘Jobson’. The Group are of the view that since the War Memorial is an historical document this seeming error should remain.

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