Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Blackmore: War Memorial Project (9)

Work is scheduled to begin today restoring Blackmore’s War Memorial on the village green. The Essex branch of the Western Front Association has expressed pleasure that the work is under way.

Michael Livings, who has contacted the Project because he is a descendant of some of those remembered writes:

“I'm so pleased to hear that work is underway. It really is the very least that can be done to honour those who gave their lives for us. Having a connection with one of the fallen, I can see by the number of children that were common to families at the time and it gave me pause to think how very many lives were affected. I've looked at the size of some contemporary Livings family members and 10 children were not uncommon. It's dreadful to think how many little children nationwide lost their Father and with the passing of years, I think that we have forgotten this.

“I look forward to watching for further updates to you ever more impressive site.”

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