Friday, 7 May 2010

Blackmore: Wray family

The Western Front Association helped us with C Wray – or is it G?

5 April 2010

Hi Andrew

The chap who recorded the Blackmore Memorial back in 1990 no longer lives locally and so I'm not able to go back to him, but, over the years, I've got quite used to his writing When he recorded the memorial he clearly noted it as G Wray Labour Corps. The difference between his c and g is marked, so back then, he clearly thought he read G. My husband and I have also looked at the photo you sent with this email and we both read G, the shape of the still clearly defined Cs is different, but that’s only our idea.

Best wishes


6 April 2010


Here we are with another curse of the letter 'C' and 'G'. Bruno thinks that this is C for Charles but the WFA say it is G for George. There is no reason it cannot be either. Charles was 21 in the 1901 census, George was 6.

Diana: would you see what you come up with when you do a rubbing?



15 April 2010

Ancestry military records were not much help here, but there appears to be no medal record for Pte. Charles Wray. There is, though, a choice of 3 George Wrays:
- R. Fus., transferred to Labour C., no. 59258
- Lincs R, transferred to Labour C., no. 80458
- W. Riding, transferred to Labour C., no. 565895
I did not find any other military records for these three.



The rubbing plus source documents confirmed that the letter is G for George.

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