Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Blackmore: War Memorial Project (11)

Research into the names of those who fell in the Great War associated with Blackmore has reached the conclusion of its main phase. Of the 45 listed there were three names which warranted further research. It can now be confirmed that Herbert Larke was never a Blackmore resident but his parents moved to the village after the First World War in 1923/24. We will commemorate him as an individual associated with Blackmore because the Commonwealth War Graves Commission records his parents as Blackmore residents. Ernest Samuel Knight has been traced successfully to Blackmore, albeit that he actually lived over the parish boundary in Fryerning. His story will be told soon on this blog. The third, Frank Leslie Stokes Oliver, despite a claim of Blackmoor birth appears to have no connection with the village. Our complete list reads as follows:

Date Died / Name / Rank / Notes
28-Aug-14. Walter Brazier. Stoker.
08-Sep-14. Frederick Garnham. Private. Highwood commemoration
23-Sep-14. Bertie Millbank. Private
14-May-15. Gerald Wellesley Pigott. Sec. Lieut.
17-May-15. Frederick Root. Private. Highwood commemoration
28-Jun-15. Alfred George Ellis. Private
08-Aug-15. Walter Ovel. Private
02-Apr-16. Walter Malyon. Private. Kelvedon Hatch commemoration
16-Aug-16. Herbert Charles Game. Private
16-Aug-16. William Edward Rudling. Private
22-Sep-16. John Crane. Sergeant. High Ongar commemoration
27-Sep-16. Ernest Charles Martin. Private
30-Sep-16. Ian A Miller. Sec. Lieut.
14-Oct-16. Bertie Cowling. Private. Kelvedon Hatch commemoration
15-Oct-16. Herbert Game. Sergeant
23-Oct-16. Arthur John Nash. Private
05-Nov-16. James Gosling. Private
13-Nov-16. John King. Private. Kelvedon Hatch commemoration
19-Jan-17. Edwin Alexander. A/B
16-Apr-17. Wallace King. Bombardier. High Ongar commemoration
28-Apr-17. Harry Riglin. Private
28-Apr-17. James Roast. Private
08-May-17. Alfred Godding. Bombardier
05-Jun-17. Alfred Wheal. Private
27-Jun-17. Ernest Albert Maynard. Lance Corporal
31-Jul-17. George William Wright. Private. High Ongar commemoration
10-Oct-17. Albert Edward Barker. Private
06-Nov-17. Herbert James Brown. Lieutenant
02-Jan-18. Ernest Samuel Knight. Private
20-Jan-18. George William White. Private
21-Mar-18. Herbert Larke. Private
18-Sep-18. Charles Root. Private. Highwood commemoration
26-Sep-18. Charles Speller. Private
14-Oct-18. Joseph Thomas. Private
21-Oct-18. Herbert Miller. Private
24-Oct-18. David Sutton. Private
25-Oct-18. Charles Wash. Driver
02-Nov-18. Frank Leslie Stokes Oliver. Private. No local trace
05-Nov-18. William Willis White. Private
12-Nov-18. William Wilsher Fixter. Private
24-Nov-18. Edward Sutton. Gunner
05-Jun-19. Walter Herbert Wash. A/B
02-Jul-19. William Henry Scudder. A/Mech
1921. Frank James Monk. Corporal. Survivor
1923. Jacob Wiltshire. Private. Survivor

We are continuing to look for information about any of the above and, in particular, any photographs. If you are a relative we would be very pleased to hear from you and add your story.

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