Monday, 1 November 2010


Welcome to this month’s round-up of local history and heritage in and around Blackmore, Essex.

Blackmore War Memorial

Blackmore War Memorial has been cleaned and re-carved, with minor errors amended last week. The Rededication will be on Remembrance Sunday, 14 November, starting at 10.50am, to include the time-honoured ‘two minutes’ silence’ at the eleventh hour.

William Byrd Festival

The ‘William Byrd Festival’ will be held at St Peter & St Paul Church, Stondon Massey, in May 2011. For the latest information visit

On the same theme, Cardinall’s Musick under the direction of Andrew Carwood has won the Gramophone Record of the Year and Best Early Music recoding for their 13th CD in the series, of Byrd’s complete works in Latin:

Also, the ‘Classic fm Magazine’ will be featuring William Byrd in their January 2011 edition.

In Court

History House includes a page on court appearances for Stondon Massey. Follow this link:

A Folk Song A Day

Don’t forget the marvellous site


For an extensive list of links to other sites go to:

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