Sunday, 14 November 2010

Blackmore: Remembrance Sunday and Rededication of War Memorial

A Service was held at the War Memorial today to remember those who had given their lives in the First World War and all subsequent conflicts. It also marked the day of the rededication of the War Memorial and the time-honoured observance of "two minutes' silence". The Service was conducted by Revd. Toni Smith, Vicar of Blackmore.

The following are extracts from the Order of Service:
"There have been many people and organisations involved in the refurbishment of this memorial stone, and our thanks go to them all.
"We, the people of Blackmore and surrounding communities, now have a true war memorial as we re-dedicate it this day.
"Long may it help preserve the memory of those valient soldiers, who selflessly gave their lives for our freedom. Let it be a reminder to us and future generations that our way of life and independence was brought about through their sacrifice.
"We are here today to remember, we are here today to pray for, and to commit ourselves to the cause of peace and justice throughout the world. Lord in Your Mercy ...
"Hear our prayer".

After the last post, played by members of the Fullwell Brass Band; two minutes silence; and, The Reveille, representatives from within the local community and other members of the public came forward to lay wreaths and offer other symbols of remembrance and hope. "We rest on Thee, our Shield and our Defender!" was sung to the tune Finlandia. There followed closing prayers and the blessing.

A Prayer of Dedication

"On this Remembrance Sunday we come, O Lord, in gratitude for all who endured pain that we might know joy, for all who suffered imprisonment that we might know freedon. Turn our deep feeling now into determination, and our determination into deed, that as men and women died for peace, we may live for peace for the sake of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen".

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