Friday, 26 November 2010

Roxwell: The place-name Radley Green

14 October 2010

I have been tracing my family tree and a distant relative has tonight suggested that we may have associations with a Radley farm in the area. Radley Green clearly suggests some link with our family. Have you any information about why Radley Green was so named and if there is any advice you can give regarding further research. We may well be requesting a special rate at The Cuckoo should we need to visit!

6 November 2010

Whilst waiting for some documents to arrive from the store at the Essex Record Office I took a look at P H Reaney’s ‘The Place Names of Essex’ (Cambridge, 1935).

The entry reads:

Radley Green, Roxwell.

“Radley Green is Redwellmore 1246 Takeley. Radwell(e) 1274 RH (p) 1297. For, (-grene, ende) 1316 Takeley Radley Green 1768 M. This looks like ‘the red spring or stream’ (v. wielle) but there is nothing red, as we understand it, about the site”.

M is Morant, Hist of Essex 2 vols 1768.
RH is Rotuli Hundredorum 2 vols 1812-18.

I could add that Blackmore’s water supply was once said to “come off of iron” so perhaps we are talking about a rust colour?

My visit to The Cuckoo is overdue!!


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