Monday, 4 August 2014

High Ongar: War Memorial

The names of those on the War Memorial outside St Mary’s Church, High Ongar, have not, to my knowledge, been published before online.  This transcription is produced 100 years to the day since Britain entered the Great War.

On the front face:

To our / glorious dead / 1914 – 1918
And below:
1939 -1945

On the south face is recorded:

Pte. J E Argent,  R. W. Kent Regt.  
Pte. S J Bush,  Essex Regt.  
Sergt. J Crane, D.S.M.,  R.M.Fus.  
Pte. H Clark,  Essex Regt.  
Pte. L W Cook,  Essex Regt. 
 Cpl. T A Donovan,  Norfolk Regt.  
Sergt. A F Donovan,  Norfolk Regt.  
Pte. J Farr,  Essex Regt. 
L.Cpl. P Fincham,  Essex Regt. 
Pte. S S Fogg,  Duke C.L.I. 
Pioneer G A Hall,  R.E.  
Bombor. W King,  R.F.A.  
Pte. E Maynard,  Linc. Regt.  
Pte. H Maynard,  R.W. Kent Regt.  
Pte. Wal. Maynard,  Essex Regt.  
Pte Wm. Maynard,  Lab. Corps.  
Pte Com Owers, M.C. Corps  
Seaman H C Pearce,  Royal Navy

The names of the fallen of the First World War continue on the north face of the Memorial thus:

Pte. F L Pennington,  Essex Regt.   
Pioneer H W Phillips,  R.E.  
Sig. F T Ruscoe,  Essex Regt.  
Sergt. T F Smith,  West Rifles   
Pte. T A Saunders,  R. Sussex Regt.  
Pte. F Saunders,  Essex Regt.  
Pte. C Savill,  Bedf. Regt.  
Pte. J Savill,  Bedf. Regt.  
Pte. C Shepherd,  Essex Regt.   
Pte.. H H Sitch,  R.A.S.C. 
Pte. T Tadgell,  R.A.S.C.  
Pte. A H Thomas,  V & L Regt.  
Pte. H Wood,  Midsx. Rgt.  
Pte. C W Wright,  Essex Regt.  
Pte. F C Witham,  Essex Regt. 
Sergt. R G Wood,  R.E.  
L Cpl. C W Wye,  W V Regt.

Those who died in the Second World War are commemorated on the base of the Memorial.  On the south face:

A.C.2. H Bentley,  R.A.F.  
F/O S T Byer,  R.A.F.  
Pte J J Guyher,  Suffolk Regt. 
Sapper S R King,  R.E.  of Norton Mandeville parish  
Fl.Sgt. W W Hopper,  R.A.F.  
Cnr. S C Neville  R.A.

Then on the north face:

Major A McCorquodale,  Coldstream Guards   
W/O R W C Phillips,  R.A.F. V.R.  
Pte. F Radaian,  P/C Q.O. Regt.  
Fl.Sgt. J Smyth,  R.A.F. 

Cpl. R L Wright,  Pioneer Corps

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