Friday, 8 August 2014

The Diary of Montague Hardwick Knott, 1957 (16)

Thursday 8.8.57

Was astir by 7o’c.  We were sitting to b’fast by 8o’c. Hope to recommence my exercise tomorrow. As the Dr told me to keep from them for a week I have done so but have missed them.

It has been another day of sorting, clearing & packing. In destroying some old receipts I could not help noticing how some things are two or three times as costly now as they were when the war finished in 1945.

We had lunch at the Pantry & enjoyed it. This eve we drove to B’m & found more progress at the house. Also went with Miss Thomas to see the Mission Church at Paslow. Quite a nice little place. I have to get speakers booked for Sept.

We went on to the Marriage’s where a presculation was made to Canon Gallop. The worthy man was visibly touched by the affectionate regard of the parishioners. The Marriage’s are charming people with three lovely children, two boys and a girl. The boys have the looks that should be the girls.

I shared with Mr M some ideas for the Parish & promoting the work. He was interested & sounded co-operative. We came away feeling cheered. 

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