Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Diary of Montague Hardwick Knott, 1957 (21)

Wednesday 14.8.57

These have been two very trying days for my little wife & they have been busy enough for me too.

Since Monday, we have been turning out, sorting, keeping & rejecting a hundred & one things.

I was on the go from 7am – 10.30pm yesterday with H almost as long. We moved over to Minnie’s & slept there. It rained on & off all day.

This am H & I were both over & No 3 by 7o’c. We hardly stopped for b’fast as the removal van turned up before 9am. It proved too small & so part of our f’ture had to be left behind. They were away by noon. It has been very wet today. Brightened up at tea-time.

I went to Brentwood. Was surprised to find that it is nearer here than is Blackmore by 2 – 3 miles. Arranged for the transfer of my Barclays A/c from W’fd. Called on the removal people & complained of its mismanagement of our removal & then went on to B’m.

Attended the W.I. Exhibition. Some very creditable entries. Found good progress in the house & picked up a letter in the church. Delivered some jumble to Church Hse, W’stow.

[…] Phoned KD & learned Sam Radley passed away this am. Learned at B’m that Mrs Jopson has been moved to hospital & has made some progress.

Thursday 15.8.57


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