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The Diary of Montague Hardwick Knott, 1957 (12)

Saturday 3.8.57


We got away after our rest at about 3.30pm & after calling at B’m went on to Danbury. The Jameson’s have a lovely home.  He had evidently prospered in business. We enjoyed sharing past & present experiences. Walter’s wife comes from Norfolk & they have a charming daughter of eighteen. Olive.

Sunday 4.8.57

Slept soundly. The medicine Dr gave me is evidently intended to induce deep rest & relaxation.

We were away in good time & found the roads busier as was to be expected. I had prepared bread for the Holy Com Service in place of wafers & nobody commented. We had 15 out & 13 stopped to H.C. We had morning prayer up to the 3rd collect & H.C. from the “invitation”. Mr Newson, People’s Warden, said it was quite like old times to have M Pr again.

Called on the Rumbold family. […]

Marjorie Shorey came to B’m w us in the eve. Miss Bellchamber, her sister & husband turned up & several who were not there last week. Had about 50 present. Felt very free & believe God honoured His word.

We were asked to coffee after & H went to the wrong house. The husband received us kindly, the wife was in bed with lumbago. No sign of coffee & after half an hour we moved off. Outside H said she made a mistake: we ought to have gone next door. When we arrived, the coffee was spoiled & so was the lady’s humour. We explained & in due course & conversation we received fresh coffee & cake & forgiveness. The last of which I was glad to see materialise. It was ten o’c before we got away & 10.45 before we were home. Mins greeted us & shared some small family gossip.

H & I felt we had had a happy day in the Master’s service & look forward to our moving into the Parish. Lord, do thy gracious work in my heart & mind & will that I may prove a fit instrument in thy hand. 

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