Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Blackmore: War Memorial Window

Situated in what is now the Vestry of the Priory Church of St Laurence, Blackmore, is a memorial window to those who died in the First World War. From 1907 to 1988 this was the window to the Lady Chapel. It depicts St Michael and St George and bears the inscription: “To the Greater Glory of God and in memory of those connected with this parish who fell in the great war 1914 – 19. 2nd Lt. Gerald W Piggott, 2nd Lt. Ian Miller, Alfred Ellis, Herbert C Game, William E Rudling, Ernest C Martin, Arthur J Nash, Edwin Alexander, Harry Riglin, James Roast, Alfred Godding, Alfred Wheal, Ernest A Maynard, George W White, Herbert Miller, Edward Barker, Walter Herbert Wash RN, W H Scudder, Walter Brazier”.

The following is recorded in the Vestry Minute Book [ERO D/P 266/11]:

A meeting of Parishioners was held in the Church Hall in Tuesday February 25th 1919 with respect to the erection of a painted window in Blackmore Church in memory of those connected with the parish who had fallen during the War … [was] adopted unanimously.

The window lists all casualties except for Charles Wash (the brother of Walter Herbert Wash who was included) and brothers, David and Ted (Edward) Sutton. The deaths of Frank Monk (who died in 1921) and Jacob Wiltshire (who died in 1923) post-date the installation of the memorial.

Alfred Ellis’ name appears on the window but not on the War Memorial.

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