Sunday, 28 September 2008

Doddinghurst: War Memorial

The War Memorial Tablet for Doddinghurst can be found inside the village church on the south wall.

It reads:

Dulce Est Pro Patria Mori
To the Glory of God and in ever honoured memory
Of the following officers and men
Who laid down their lives for their country
In the Great War, 1914 – 1918

2nd Lieut. Gerald Pigott RFA
Lieut. S St George Swaine Showers Essex Regt.
Pte. Arthur Benton Essex Regt.
Pte James Roast Essex Regt.
Pte Arthur Hammond Essex Regt.
Pte. Harry Benton Middlesex Regt.
Pte. George Everett Suffolk Regt
Pte. Harry Riglin Suffolk Regt.
Pte. George Hammond Suffolk Regt.
Pte. Herbert Miller E. Surrey Regt.

“Their Name Liveth For Evermore”

The War Memorial tablet includes the names of men also commemorated on the War memorial at Blackmore: Gerald Pigott (see entry 18.9.08), James Roast (see entry 2.10.08), Harry Riglin (see entry 1.10.08) and Herbert Miller (see entry 21.10.08).

St George Swaine Showers’ name also appears on the War Memorial tablet at Theydon Garnon. I do not know of his connection with Doddinghurst. There must have been only one person in the area of that name and rank. Revd. Reeve of Stondon Massey wrote: “Nephew of Mr Swaine Chisenhale Marsh of Gaynes Park Epping. He often visited a relative, Mr Cleave, as a lad who for a while rented the Soap-house [Farm]. He was wounded in July 1916, and for some time in the Military Hospital at Chatham. On Aug 9 1917 he was killed at Bapeausme” [T/P 188/3 f747].

This leads me to believe that there are several errors of omission and commission on memorials across the area, of Essex and probably the country as a whole.

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