Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ongar: An extract from the Commonplace Book of Edward Reeve c1860

In the country every thing is good, every thing is beautiful – The benevolence of Deity is every where presented to the eye, and the heart participates in the tranquillity of the scene.  In the town (Brighton) we are constantly disgusted by the vicar, follies, and consequent miseries of mankind.

Green fields are my delight, I am not only better in health but even in heart in the country.  A fine day exhilarates me, and if it rains, I behold the grass assume a richer verdure as it drinks the moisture, every thing that I behold is very good, except man, and in London I see nothing but man, and his works.  Surely a County Clergyman, or Esquire, with a tolerable income, is in a very enviable situation.  ER

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