Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ongar: An extract from the Commonplace Book of Edward Reeve c1860

An authentic description of Names, rather odd, but very assuring and perfectly true

J.G. Sparrow married to Miss Crowe
Mr Slapp to Miss Whipham
Mr Greengrass to Miss Hay
Captain Legge
Captain Foot
Captain Coward
Captain Slaughter
Mr Birch, schoolmaster
Fox, Hare, Leveret, Rabbit
Stoat, Mole, Bird
Rook, Grouse, Partridge
Swallow, Martin, Pigeon, Dove, Peacock
Swan, Hawke, Kite, Wren
Eagle, Robin, Crab, Stag, Deer, Roebuck
Squirrel, Salmon, Roach, Spratt
Leech, Bigg, Small, Little

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