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Bishops Stortford: Essex References in Parish Registers

Essex Review
Extract from No. 122. Volume XXXI (April 1922) & No. 123. (July 1922)

Essex References from the Parish Register of Bishop Stortford, Herts, 1561-1712.

J L Glasscock wrote: “The first volume of the Stortford Register is a parchment book of 204 leaves measuring 12¼ inches by 8 inches and contains 408 closely written pages”.

Items for the local area, much abridged from complete list, are:
Beauchamp Roding
1709.  June 14.  William Rost of Beauchamp Roding and Mary Wakelin of White Roding
Berners Roding
1628.  Augt 12.  William [blank] and Joan of Barinsh Rothing
1697.  Jany 31.  Robert Story of Barnish Roodin and Charity Rily of Marg. Rooden
1680.  Octr. 19.  John Read of King’s Hatfield [Hatfield Regis aka Hatfield Broad Oak]  and Hester Marige of Blakemore w.
1706.  Feb 6.  William Clark of Blackmore and Dorothy Lacy of Chipping Ongar
1674.  March 30.  Robert Paveley of Bovinger and Elizabeth Moore of Thackstead
1678.  Augt 21.  John Crab of Bovinger and Hannah Radley of Much Hallingbury
1626.  Sept 29.  Edmund Phillips of Burntwood and Peninnah Boltwood of Stortford
1697.  Dec 28.  Francis Stevengton of Chelmsford and Elizabeth Cranvield of Bardin [Berden] b.s.
Chipping Ongar (see Blackmore)
1677.  Feby 12.  William Judd of Hatfeild Brodocke and Mary Redmell (?) of Chipping Onger
1621.  Octr 2.  Francis Mathew and Sara Chester of Epping
1673.  Sep 28.  Thomas Archer of Epping and Ann Boram
1701.  June 2.  William Colston of Epping and Elizabeth Westwood of Farnham
1701.  Sep 16.  William Gaywood of Epping and Elizabeth Hills of Netteswell
1631.  Jan 3.  Thomas Stanes of Fyfeild and Millicent Duke. Lic
1668.  June 29.  Richard Britten and Elizabeth Hamshire of Fyfeild
1682.  Oct 5.  Robert Adams wid.  and Joan Humfreys both of Fyfeild
1682.  Feby 12.  Simon Thoroughgood of Moreton and Elizabeth Guy of Fyfeild
1687.  Nov 18.  Issac Morril of Fiild and Mary Eve of ye same
1705.  Nov 22.  Robert Ramsey of Fifield and Anne Barnes
1627.  Augt 8.  Thomas Welton wid.  and Sarah Foard both of Greensted
High Ongar
1682.  Dec 26.  Abraham Wright and Grace White both of High Ongar
1703.  May 20.  Zachary White and Hester Salmon both of High Ongar
Moreton (see Fyfield)
1627.  Jan 31.  Thomas Mott of Writtle and Elizabeth King of Morton
1683.  Dec 27.  John Perry and Katharin Ramsey of Moreton lic
1687.  Feb 15.  Thomas Dennis of Ugly wid. and Sarah Nailer of Morton.  s.
1690.  Jan 22. Thomas Jones and Mary Parker b.s.  and of Morton
North Weald
1683.  Oct 9.  William Stanes of North Weal Bassett and Mary Thorowgood of Geldesden [Gilston, Herts].
1699.  May 30.  James Bawcock of Ongar in Essex and Elizabeth Skyll
1680.  Sep 30.  Henry Durrington and Anne Little both of Shelley near Ongar
Stanford Rivers
1702.  Sep 30.  Edward Knight and Mary Pavett both of Stanford Rivers
1637.  Jan 15. [blank] Locke and a widow of Stondon, by lic
Theydon Mount
1685.  Thomas Jennings of Harlow and Martha Monck of Thoydon Mount
1682.  May 23.  Simon Rutland son of Simon a Grocer Bachelaus of Physick and Practioner at Brentwood in Essex where he died and brought to his native Towne bur. in the church.
1628.  Oct 4.  Elizabeth Julian of Chelmesford (?)
1702.  Nov 23.  Mrs Judith Rochill of Chelmesford in Essex w.
1703.  Dec 3.  Sarah Smith wife of Joseph Smith of Moreton

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