Sunday, 6 January 2013

"Ingatestone and The Great Essex Road - with Fryerning"

On the 'Feast of Epiphany, 1913' E E Wilde sat down and wrote the Preface to her book on the history of the parish where she lived: 'Ingatestone and The Great Essex Road - with Fryerning'.  

" ... When first I came to this country place it seemed to me there was little if any history connected with it, but it was not long before I changed my mind.  First, the countless Roman bricks built into Fryerning Church walls met my eye Sunday after Sunday; then, wandering into Ingatestone Church, Sir William Petre's monument spoke loudly of Tudor days; and next, more slowly but perhaps more insistently, was borne upon me the part that our road had played in English history; and always there remained the old Fryerning font, with its astronomical problem.  Partly for my own amusement, partly for that of a dear old friend who stayed with me at the time, I began to piece together various historic facts that had touched our village, some of which I used for a paper read at our small Historical Society at Blackmore, and intended writing a short sketch of the parish, as I found many people were interested in my idea."

This 488-page book, now celebrating its centenary, is a very interesting and recommended read.  An outline and pictures from the book will appear on this blog during 2013.


Anonymous said...

Hello Andrew.

I have read online 'Ingatestone and The Great Essex Road - with Fryerning' with special reference to the chapter on Dr. Daniel Sutton - Inoculator as he is my niece's 6x Great Grandfather. Alas the version online doesn't provide the pictures in this chapter relating to Daniel Sutton and his family and houses and wondered if you perhaps had access to them?

Living in hope!

Best wishes
Lyn Willcox
Co. Galway, Ireland

Anonymous said...

I am also interested in the Sutton family associated with the Suttonian method
of inoculation.
It is recorded that a Jane Kearney was a second cousin of Eliza Sutton, descendant
of Daniel Sutton, inoculator. Eliza married Charles Cowper, later Sir Charles
Cowper, in Australia in 1831. Sir Charles was 5x Premier.
If, in fact, second cousins Eliza and Jane must have had great grandparents in common.
Can anyone suggest their common ancestors, please?