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Blackmore: Wheal Family

Received 11 December 2012


I'm researching the Weal family background, which appears to originate from High Ongar via Doddinghurst to Ilford (which was originally, of course) in Essex.

The direct line, I believe, comes from a William Weal (b1750) who I think married a Mary Asser (b1750) around 1770.  It then follows through Joshua Weal (1774-1852), George Weal (Wheal?) (1820-1871) and Joseph Weal (1852-1922) to my paternal grandfather Harry James Weal (1891-1965).  As far as I can establish, most of the family appear to have been Agricultural Labourers of relatively little note, as records are fairly sparse in Trade Directories and Census returns.  Presumably, if they worked for a major landowner the individual employees were not always commented upon.

Any information you can provide would be much appreciated.  There seem to have been quite a lot of Weals in the area over the past couple of centuries, but it is difficult to establish which are part of my family line, and which are not.  Although I suppose that there's probably a connection between them all, if you go back far enough!

Are you aware of any other people researching a similar family line?  Be good to share information.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Jim Weal

Replied 27 December 2012

Thank you Jim for your e mail.  A good place to start would be to look up the references to Wheal on the Blackmore Area Local History blog (see  ).  I will add your e mail to blog.



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