Friday, 5 August 2011

Ongar: Roll of Honour in new Health Centre (1)

Derek Berwin is undertaking research to produce a complete roll of names for the new Ongar Health Centre, currently under construction in Shelley Road, which is a replacement for the former Ongar War Memorial Hospital.  His research includes local parishes.  (see previous correspondence regarding Navestock, for example ).

Derek has contacted Blackmore Area Local History regarding outstanding queries.

Received 5 July 2011
Hi! again Andrew.

Both I and the CWGC have reached an impasse with tracing the details on W Broomfield. Bobbingworth. Can you assist?
Regards Derek.

Replied 5 July 2011

No, sorry Derek, Bobbingworth is not a parish I have researched.


Received 5 July 2011

Thanks Andrew for the response. Think I am at the end now of the district’s roll: 601 names.

I have made my research based on any connections, first birth, then resided in.  I have checked your own VERY comprehensive research as a basis [which covers Blackmore, Stondon Massey and Doddinghurst].

I should have the first example of the proposed layout  by a top calligrapher. It is likely to be around 60 inches wide.

Have 2k so far, which will  pay for the roll and hope to get some more from various Parish Councils to help pay for the book and web site maintenance.

Regards Derek.

Replied 16 July 2011

Dear Derek

Thanks for you r E mails, which I will publish on the blog.  Publication online has clear benefits, as demonstrated by the Blackmore Area Local History blog and main site.  The blog is free to set up and maintain.  The website requires hosting which is about £50 a year from – but costs keep rising.  I suggest you shop around.

I would really encourage you to consider a blog and to publish, even in a basic form, what you have.  Relatives will contact you!

The areas of our research covers Blackmore, Stondon Massey and, to a lesser extent, Doddinghurst.  I received a lot of information on Doddinghurst from a gentleman who has moved away.  It lies unpublished.  As always there is never enough time!   If you are able to send over information I am happy to compare it with what I have.


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