Friday, 21 January 2011

Navestock: War Dead


14 January 2011

Trying to trace a D J SHRODER think he is from WW1 could be a Sub Lt Derrick John RNVR with possible Navestock connections.

I am making an up to date role for the new Ongar Health Centre. If you have a complete list of WW1 and WW2 etc., from your area it would be helpful.

Thanks Derek.


14 January 2011

Many thanks for your E Mail, which I will publish on the blog.

I regret that Navestock is not my parish, or a WW1 topic I have investigated. According to Paul Rusiecki's recent book 'The Impact of Catastrophe' there is a war memorial tablet to 25 names inside the parish church. I believe that the church is usually open during daylight hours, so the inscription may be worth a look.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your efforts to produce a new roll for the Ongar Health Centre. Readers of my blog will know of the demolition of the 1930s built Ongar War Memorial Hospital a few weeks ago which, I understand, had inside a list of over 300 war dead from Ongar and surrounding parishes. I have seen a roll for the hospital in the Essex Record Office but the passing of time between the close of the Great War in 1918 and the eventual construction of the Hospital meant that the list itself is riddled with errors, remedied only by diligent searching of census data and electoral roll records, to name but two sources.

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