Friday, 14 January 2011

Ingatestone: Gatehouse School

Following the blog entry about George Sherrin (, a number of responses have been received by former pupils of the Gatehouse School, which later moved to The Hyde (, the former home of the Disney family ( Their memories now appear on a separate page on the main website (

One correspondent, Alan Cristall, writes:


4 January 2011

Hello Andrew

Thank you for putting me in touch with John Hutchins; we are now exchanging anecdotes about our time at the school.

I now have some questions for you which you will probably not be able to answer but here goes anyway.

What was the name of the house, occupied by the army during the war, which was immediately opposite the Gate House in Station Lane? Would it have been Ashleigh House – a name currently used on the new estate there?

Miss Christie was a well-known local character who ran the 1st Ingatestone & Fryerning Scout Troop. She lived towards the top end of Fryerning Lane on the left; it may have been the last house. Is it possible to establish the name of the house?

Miss Christie moved to a cottage at Mill Green; the last road on the right before the green itself. The area is now more built up and her cottage, as I recall it, appears to have been rebuilt and is called St Giles – are you able to confirm this was the name of her cottage?

There is a building in the market place to the right as you face it and up a short dead-end on the right with a barn-type external door on the first floor. It can now be easily seen from the car park. As Scouts during the war we would store waste paper there. Do you know the original purpose of the building and has it got a name.?




5 January 2011


I’ll have a think about your tough questions. Failing that, and in addition, I will put them on the blog.



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