Friday, 19 August 2011

Ingatestone: The Hyde

Chris Berry follows up previous correspondence relating to The Hyde, Ingatestone (see ) and thepage dedicated to the former school (see ) with this note.

Received  10 July 2011

Hello again

I was pleased to read the account by Mrs Joan Smith who was in a better position to recall and cleared up the facts about the end of the The Hyde. The hazy recollections of other contributors can be excused by the fact that they were much younger than Mrs Smith at the time. I was only there for a few years from about 8 or 9 to 11 when I left for Grammar School. I left in 1959 - 6 years before the fire.

I would have been in Mrs Smith's class for a short while as I progressed quite quickly from Miss Heard's class to David Askwith's class.

I originally found this website when searching for details about the last days of The Hyde and sent the previous postcards of The Hyde and I am now sending some more photos including some of the fire-damaged shell which I hope you will find interesting. I found these and saved them after a search on the internet several years ago but they can no longer be found there. One of the pictures shows the Disney family crest in one of the walls around the building.

Kind regards

Chris Berry

Replied  16 July 2011

Thank you, Chris, for your E mail.  I will publish the photos online as soon as possible.

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