Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Stondon Massey: Reeve. Extraordinary Connection (2)

The story continues …

Received 2 March 2011

Dear Andrew,

I don't know much about the legal system in England, but Master and then Chief Chancery is something pretty important I think, because it looks like once Chief, the incumbents are eventually knighted as well. In WFS' case, he got the CB about the time his term was up...

From information from Sandy, the period of WFS' journal is from January to June 1918....which is not of the period he would have had news of his father's death...

Thanks for any Crickett information....your region is one that will most certainly get a visit one by the intrepid Fitzgibbon sisters in search of family data. Sounds like the Essex archives are a good source.

As to WFS Hawkins' descendants: "Bill and Eva" had two children, a boy and a girl. Personally, we don't know the whereabouts of the son who also had children, but Sandy will contact the daughter (who has children also) at the latest address we have to let her know that you are looking for descendants of WFS and that we're going to pass on her coordinates to you.

And we'll keep you posted.

Best regards.


Sent 3 March 2011

Dear Jane

Thanks for your E mail. Please find attached some papers relating to WFSH.



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