Saturday, 23 April 2011

Blackmore: Monumental Inscriptions

Received 16 March 2011

Hi Andrew, I am still plugging away at my family tree of the Norris. I have found out with the help of my cousin via the Essex Record Office there are quite a few more relations baptised, married and buried in St Laurence Blackmore as well as St Mary the Virgin High Ongar. I wonder if there is a document anywhere where the details of who and where are buried in the Churchyard. I am proposing sometime this year when I come down from Suffolk to visit the churches to see if I can find any graves of my ancestors as I love to try and put a photo on my family tree site. Can you give me any help or point me in the right direction.


Linda Windley

Replied 18 March 2011

The Essex Society for Family History carried out a survey of Blackmore churchyard in 1997 with plan, inscriptions and location of graves. The results are available to view at the Essex Record Office: reference ERO T/Z 151/109. I could not find on SEAX reference to a survey of the churchyard at High Ongar.

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